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  • Request any combination of services
  • Request up to 5 different ports in one step
  • Benefit from an impartial overview of the entire market - on principle all  eligible Suppliers file their offers


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Purchase criteria set and RFQs filed convert into a “match”: concrete offers from Suppliers which fulfill your requirements
  • No matter which combination of services you request - the optimal combination of different supplier`s offerings is the result you get
  • Buy the ideal offer with the click of a button
  • Handle payment and contract execution directly with the Supplier
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Services available on [bluester]
Free of charge for Service Providers.
Ship Managers choose between MARKETPLACE Basic (free of charge)
and MARKETPLACE Premium (fixed fees per vessel registered and actual use).
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Register your company
  • Create an individual company profile to the point
  • Enter the details a Ship Owner needs to identify you as preferred Supplier


File your offers in response to professionally detailed RFQs in no time

Offer to actual RFQs
  • Decide yourself to which Ship Owner you want to offer your services
  • Know the Ship Owner and his requirements in detail
  • Enjoy minimal, guided data entry
  • Have your competitive advantages displayed perfectly


Contract on fair and transparent Terms & Conditions!

Sell your services online
  • Transfer information into your CRM system with a click
  • Handle payment and contract execution directly with the Ship Owner
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✓ Sell on a global, fair and class recognized marketplace
✓ Market and sell more efficiently
✓ Have your competitive advantages displayed to the point and learn from your competitors
✓ Benefit from direct and secure contracting and have service execution prepared perfectly


Assurance, reliability and safety

The uncompromisable [bluester] ranking system together with the independent third party vendor qualification services BV Desktop Verification, BV On-Site-Vendor-Inspection and Vetting by MarTrust free global direct contracting of Maritime Support Services from risks and the burden of high transaction costs.

Vessel Owners and Ship Managers have their vendors qualified and verified easily and properly; Service Providers can prove the solidity and reliability of their service offerings transparently and objectively.